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My favorite thing about Sougo in this battle is not his witty remarks, creative thinking, fighting skills, or determination (although they’re quite impressive too) — it’s his attitude. He keeps challenging Kamui as an equal, and I can’t help but wonder why some people still think of this as a one-sided match. It doesn’t matter how badly injured he got from the explosions; that he’s just a human; or that his enemy is a feared Yato:

'You're aiming a pipe at me? Here; how about I send you a katana.'


If you overdo it, you won’t be able to do what you could before.

Coach Tachibana (◡‿◡✿)

Aug 20


I would just like to point out that this..


Is not Haru’s bed.


So… who’s is it?


Now that we know Sousuke’s injured shoulder is canon, we can probably safely assume that the way he hurt himself was by overworking/over practicing and going for long hours at a time until his injury happened.

He probably sees himself in the way Nitori is training, the fact that Nitori is going longer than others and continues to practice even after it’s obvious how tired he is, and despite the fact that Sousuke seems cold and uncaring for Nitori, he doesn’t what what happened to him to happen to Nitori.

We can probably assume Sousuke wants to see Nitori succeed and improve and swim with Rin just as much as he himself wanted to.

And if you still thing Sousuke is a 100% bad person, then well. Please rewatch the episode

Aug 20

Kisumi Shigino || F R E E ! Eternal Summer ep. 08